At the end of October, 2022, VIST in cooperation with Trentino Marketing attended SKIPASS-2022, the yearly tourism and winter sports show, in Modena, Italy. Trentino Marketing has been collaborating with ski apparel company VIST for many years as VIST is its official outfitter. At this event we got an opportunity to have a conversation with its officials. Here we share our talk with Mr. Luciano Rizzi, member of the board of Directors in Trentino Marketing.

Can you briefly present your position within Trentino Marketing and what kind of activities Trentino Marketing does?

"I am one of the five members of the board of Trentino marketing and Trentino marketing is the agency that develops the promotion of Trentino, as Trentino has twelve tourist companies that offer tourist products and all of them make up the total of Trentino."

What kind of activities can people do in Trentino region?

"We have an objective for both winter and summer. The plan is to invest a lot also in the summer season, because we are really on form in the winter season right now. As for summer season we are very committed to promote the month of June and September to ensure that Trentino can be active at least ten months a year.“

In this regard, what are the new projects that Trentino has for the next winter season and the next summer season?

"We plan to review the quality of the winter objectives and we do this also thanks to our community of lift operators. As for the summer, we have started a project called "Belle Stagioni", which is aimed at extending the season: like this we can give our hotels the possibility to remain open 10 months a year. In this way, the hotels are able to hire staff in hotels that require 10 months of work, which will generally raise the quality."

How long has Trentino Marketing been collaborating with skiwear company VIST and why did you choose VIST as your partner for three years?

“Trentino Marketing is always fond of all the brands that are geographically close to us. Because this is our mission, historically we have always had this partnership with Vist. We have always liked the style too, which was originally one of the reasons, but the bond we have formed over the years is what currently drives us to remain together. That is, a high quality of Vist products and the high image of Trentino Marketing."

Could you please briefly share your experience with Vist garments?

"Yup! I am very satisfied both in terms of design but especially in terms of quality precisely because quality is the basis of every commercial and tourist proposal."

Thank you very much for this interview.

"Thanks to you."