For many years, VIST has forged a strong and enduring partnership with Trentino Marketing, a prominent organization that promotes the enchanting Trentino region in Italy. This fruitful collaboration has laid the foundation for showcasing the beauty of Trentino while also elevating the brand's prominence in the winter sports industry. Below is an exclusive interview with Mr. Luciano Rizzi, a respected member of the Board of Directors at Trentino Marketing, shedding light on the essence and impact of this exceptional partnership:

Q: Can you briefly present your position within Trentino Marketing and what kind of activities Trentino Marketing does?

A: I am one of the five members of the board of Trentino Marketing, and our agency is dedicated to promoting the enchanting region of Trentino. We collaborate with twelve tourist companies that collectively offer a wide range of tourist products, making Trentino a truly diverse destination.

Q: What kind of activities can people do in the Trentino region?

A: We have a comprehensive plan for both winter and summer activities. While our focus has been on the winter season, we are determined to invest in promoting the months of June and September to ensure that Trentino remains active for at least ten months a year.

Q: What are the new projects that Trentino has for the next winter and summer seasons?

A: For the winter season, we aim to enhance the quality of our winter offerings in collaboration with our lift operators. As for the summer season, we have initiated a project called "Belle Stagioni," aimed at extending the season to provide our hotels with the opportunity to remain open for ten months. This will allow hotels to hire staff for a longer period, ultimately raising the overall quality of services.

Q: How long has Trentino Marketing been collaborating with the skiwear company VIST, and why did you choose VIST as your partner for three years?

A: Our collaboration with VIST has a long-standing history, as we have always valued partnerships with brands in our region. The initial attraction was VIST's stylish designs, but over the years, the bond we formed and the high-quality products of VIST have been the driving forces behind our continued partnership. The excellent reputation of VIST aligns perfectly with Trentino Marketing's image. 

Q: Could you please briefly share your experience with VIST garments?

A: Certainly! I am highly satisfied with VIST garments, both in terms of their design and, most importantly, their quality. Quality is the foundation of any successful commercial and tourist offering, and VIST delivers on this front. 

Q: Thank you very much for this interview.

A: Thanks to you.