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Bulgarian Ski Federation

Founded in 1924 in the vibrant capital, Sofia, the Bulgarian Ski Federation (BFSKI) stands as one of the country's oldest sport organizations, dedicated to fostering skiing and snowboarding at both national and international levels. As the sole Bulgarian organization member of FIS (Fédération International de Ski) since 1932, BFSKI has played a vital role in shaping the nation's winter sports landscape.

Over the years, the federation has grown exponentially, currently overseeing 56 individual local clubs and supporting a remarkable 990 athletes. Under the guidance of President Tzeko Minev since 2003, BFSKI has been instrumental in hosting prominent winter sports events, including eight Alpine Skiing World Cups and two Snowboard World Cups in Bulgaria's renowned resort, Bansko. These events have not only showcased the nation's prowess in winter sports but have also been a testament to Bulgaria's commitment to nurturing its young talents.

The federation's athletes have left an indelible mark on the history of skiing, with notable achievements in alpine skiing, such as securing the World Cup Win in 1979 and multiple World Junior Champion titles in 1977, 1978, and 1988. Building upon these achievements, BFSKI has welcomed a new generation of sensational alpine skiers, including the impressive talents of Albert Popov and Kamen Zlatkov.

Albert Popov's meteoric rise in the skiing world has been nothing short of remarkable. In 2023, Popov etched his name in history by achieving the first Balkan world cup podium in 40 years. His early dominance in the children's category, with consecutive 1st and 2nd positions at the Topolino Cup (unofficial World Championship for children), foreshadowed a bright future. In 2018, Popov claimed a bronze medal in the Junior World Championship in Davos, Switzerland, and his World Cup breakthrough in Levi during the 2018/2019 season earned Bulgaria its first World Cup points since 1986. Popov's continued success, with outstanding performances in Madonna di Campiglio, Kitzbühel, and Schladming, firmly established him as a rising star in the skiing world.


Excitement grows to witness the potential achievements of the Bulgarian Ski Federation. Moreover, the women's ski team has proudly welcomed the former Italian world-cup skier, Luisa Bertani, who is determined to improve her position in the upcoming seasons.


VIST takes immense pride in its enduring cooperation with the Bulgarian Ski Federation, further supporting and following the journey of Bulgaria's alpine skiers as they compete in the esteemed World Cup circuit. As both BFSKI and VIST celebrate uniqueness and the pursuit of excellence, they continue to shape the future of winter sports in Bulgaria and beyond. Together, they exemplify the unwavering spirit of determination, commitment, and passion that drives the world of skiing forward.