Preserving nature and acting sustainable is at the forefront of our company ethos. Originating from the Italian Dolomites, the snowy mountains and robust farms are always in the back of our minds when developing our collections. 

Skiers and snowboarders are inherently united with the environment. Unfortunately, we still find that most of the gear and operations in our market are not. VIST are one of the few that have kickstarted a more environmentally friendly route, and we hope to get others to follow.

Our planet’s resources are finite, so it is critical to use them wisely, reduce consumption and recycle whenever possible. The sustainable fashion movement strives to create products that are environmentally friendly, ethical and produced without harm to people or the planet. We are no different, as sustainability is intertwined in our core values. 

What efforts are VIST making?

Firstly, we make sure that our garments are of quality that ensure decades of durability, in a goal to ultimately reduce production and consumption. You therefore know that, when you purchase a piece from VIST, the trash will never see its presence. 

We also centre our production on green innovation. We use sustainable fabrics, including recycled, bio-based or renewably sourced materials (e.g Sorona polymer), to help reduce carbon emissions. Specifically, we have innovatively recycled fishermen’s nets as the main fabric used in our garments.  

Lastly, we understand sustainability means not only environmental protection, but also human rights protection. The fear of any malicious practice, involving underpaid or child labour, leads us to completely control and authenticate our supply chain. 

Help us help you! By purchasing from companies like VIST, you are contributing to sustainability and environmental protection. Join our community and save the planet one jacket at a time.