Co-branding Collection

In November 2021, VIST proudly unveiled a collaboration with FILA China at the CIIE (China International Import Expo). Named Fila-Vist, this co-branding collection beautifully showcases both our Italian heritage, infused with meticulous attention to design and detail that defines our company. The garments, carefully crafted to optimize performance through functionality, reflect our commitment to quality.

With an unwavering focus on harmonizing FILA's style with our technical expertise, every detail - from buttons to zippers, pockets to inside layering - underwent thorough research. This collaboration showcases our know-how in skiwear, pushing the boundaries of high-performance and technologically-strong garments.

The success of our special collaboration with FILA China in 2021 led to its continuation in 2022 and 2023, further recognizing our capabilities in creating top-notch ski apparel. We are honored to be part of this extraordinary partnership, allowing us to excel in our pursuit of delivering high-performing, state-of-the-art winter wear.

Co-branding Collections Fila Vist