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How to Dress on a Warm End-of-Season Skiing Day

As the ski season reaches its end, warm and sunny days become a delightful feature on the slopes. Dressing appropriately with the right ski wear is essential to make the most of these enjoyable end-of-season moments. VIST presents a stylish and functional collection of ski clothing that ensures you look and feel your best when it's warm. Here's how to dress for a warm end-of-season skiing day:

  1. Lightweight and Breathable 3-Layer Ski Jacket: Crafted with breathable fabrics and big ventilation zips, these jackets allow air circulation, preventing overheating while providing protection from the sun.
  2. Light Insulator: The Light Insulator from VIST is a technical and lightly padded jacket that complements or replaces a 3-layer jacket. It serves as a main layer on hot days and a mid-layer on cold ones, providing the perfect amount of insulation for any weather conditions.
  3. Moisture-Wicking 3-Layer Ski Pants: Opt for moisture-wicking ski pants that keep you dry and comfortable throughout your skiing session. VIST's 3-layer ski pants are designed to wick away moisture, making them perfect for warm days on the slopes.

  4. Layering Options:  Pair a moisture-wicking base layer with the lightweight thermal for added warmth when needed. This ensures you stay comfortable and adaptable to changing weather conditions. If it's too hot, you could always just wear a T-shirt!